If you run into an issue where the game is displaying a message that you do not have an Internet connection, here are some ideas to help resolve the issue.

1. Verify that you are connected to the Internet by confirming that you can open web pages or use other online features in other device applications.

2. The game has a built-in timeout function, whereas if the connection is taking too long for a deal to be delivered. The issue can often be corrected by restarting the device or switching between your WiFi and mobile data connection, if available. Trying to connect via another network is the best way to determine if the issues are specific to the network you are using.

3. Some ad blocking and anti-virus applications may be preventing you from accessing the online features in our game. If these applications can be temporarily disabled, you can check to see if it is blocking you from using these game features.

4. Some company or public WiFi networks, like hospitals, coffee shops, and federal buildings, may have stringent internet policies and could be blocking the connection to these game features. Similarly, home networks and hotspots connections like Connectify could also have firewall restrictions which prevent these online features from working correctly.