In an attempt to make the gameplay just like playing with an actual deck of cards, our app uses a mix of shuffling algorithms that employ random number generators provided by your device's operating system. This ensure that the outcome of all cards dealt are 100% random!

In the game Settings, Blackjack can be configured to use 1 to 8 decks, offering billions of random card combinations.

You can change the number of decks in the Settings menu to customize your experience and desired style of play.

As a company, we would not develop a rigged system to mimic a gambling game that favors the house randomly. It would defeat the purpose of creating engaging games that are similar to human-dealt games. We instead created a game that is as close to the reality of a live card game as you can get.

Unfortunately, no algorithm can easily process true randomness. However, we try to recreate the actual chance of a live card game as is possible from artificial intelligence.

There are no cheat codes in the game, no thresholds that cause you to lose when you reach a certain level. We do not manipulate the system to calculate the number of blackjacks a dealer can get or which cards are dealt in each hand.

We do not “rig” the game in favor of the player, or in favor of the dealer. Dealt hands and wins are altogether dependent on the same random chance that you would experience with any live card game.