Game Modes
There are two game modes in Tetra Block - Play & Score.

Play Mode
In “Play” mode, you will need to collect the specified objective tiles per level from the game board. Some objective tiles may already be on the board while others may appear in the Block Tray. Place them on the board and clear them using rows, columns, or squares to collect them!

Score Mode
In “Score” mode, you can play endlessly; so long as you don’t run out of space. See how high a score you can get! Beat Score Milestones along the way to earn extra Experience Points (XP).

You can unlock special Abilities when playing Tetra Block. These abilities can be used to help you complete levels, clear blocks on the game board, or simply undo your last move!

Rotate will allow you to rotate any block piece by 90-degree increments.

Block Bomb

Using the Block Bomb ability allows you to clear blocks in a 3x3 area on the game board. This will NOT clear Objective blocks.
Bonus Block

Do you need just one more block to complete a row, column, or square? Activate the Bonus Block to instantly place a single block on the game board.


Did you make a mistake? Using the Undo ability will return the last block you placed on the game board back into the Block Tray.


Each game you get one opportunity to use the Continue ability when you run Out of Room. The Continue ability will let you keep playing, clearing a 4x4 area in the middle of the game board, and giving you a new set of 3 blocks in the Block Tray.