Please know that the access to permissions on your device is solely used for features in the application. We do not collect data or sell any email/phone lists, that is not our policy nor is it the way we here at MobilityWare conduct business. Below you will find the different uses for access in our application and how they apply.

The access to your photo directory is solely for the use of selecting custom images in our application if the game permits it. You can select an image from your photos to use in the game. We only allow for a selection of one at a time and nothing more.

The access to your contacts is for the use of telling a friend about our application. You can access your contacts email addresses and let your friends or family know about our game. When the feature comes that you can play a multiplayer game with a friend or family email, we will need access for that as well. Our application does not automatically send anything to your contacts on your behalf.

Caller Info:
If you are playing our game and you receive a call, we are going to need to pause the game so you can take your phone call. Once your call is completed you return to the game. We have no interest in knowing anything about who is calling.