Some of our game features do require an Internet connection. You can play our games while connected to WIFI or your cellular data service.  If you're playing the game while connected to your mobile service, some minimal data plan usage will occur.

In our ad-supported free games, data may be used to download ads which are displayed in the game. Also, in some of our card games if you play Winning Deals, the hands originate from our services, and if you are using Game Center or Google+, the game will post scores to the Leaderboard. Both of these functions require an internet connection.

When the game is closed or paused in the background, it does not use your Internet connection. You should also be aware that whether you use an iPhone or Android, your device is already doing many things in the background that may utilize cellular data.  Your mobile device frequently connects to Apple and other services in the background to access tasks such as downloading messages, emails, and GPS location.

Most devices have options to help you monitor or limit how applications use your cellular service. You may want to check the device settings to see how your device or mobile phone access data.