Several factors can affect what sounds you hear on your device. The various settings that control gameplay sound are outlined below.

With most errors, before testing we recommend force closing all open applications on the device and then restarting. This procedure tends to eliminate most bugs on a device. Next, confirm other applications have working sound. Attempt to play a video or music on your device to see whether audio is working for different applications.

If the sound is still not restored for your game:

Check device volume:
Use the buttons on the side or back of your device to make sure the media volume is turned up to an appropriate level. Android has separate volume controls for ringtone, notifications, touch feedback, and Media. Be sure the media volume is not muted or set too low for you to hear.

Check game sound settings:
Go to "Settings" from our game home screen and verify the setting for sound to make sure it is set or toggled to "On.”

In most instances, following these steps should restore the sound for your game. If you are still having sound or volume issues, please contact customer support for further assistance.