We try to keep our apps free from such material by screening incoming data such as names or messages. Information such as this can be entered by end-users or imported from a system/service provided by another company (for example, Apple, Facebook, Google, etc.). 

However, the systems that we have in-place for screening this data are limited in what they can prevent without preventing many other acceptable names and messages. Just like other companies and their services, we also rely on the community to report objectionable material that may get through our screening process. 

If you could provide a screenshot of the occurrence and then message us from within the game, we will be able to look further into this matter and have it removed from our leaderboards.

 If you feel the objectionable material has come from a system/service provided to us by another company, you can also report your concerns to that company. For your convenience, there are links to some of their information below. 

Thank you for your report and we will do our best to remove this objectionable material from our systems. 

Apple - support.apple.com 
Google - support.google.com 
Facebook - facebook.com/help