1) Settings

All in-game settings can be found in this section including the FAQs and Support options.

2) Games

This section allows you to quickly see more games made by MobilityWare

3) Play Menu

The Play menu allows you to select the game mode you would like to play.
Available options include:
Random Deal - Starts a new Randomly dealt game. Keep in mind Randomly dealt games may not have a solution.
Winning Deal - Starts a new Winning Deal. Winning deals will alway have at least 1 known solution.
Daily Challenge - Allows you to select a specific Daily Challenge game. Daily Challenges are always winnable.
Multiplayer - Starts a new Multiplayer game where you race against your opponent to finish the deal.
Replay - Re-deals the same game from the start.

4) Hint

Shows available move(s)

5) Undo

Removes the last move or play made. Hold this option to rapidly undo multiple moves.
(Note: each undo will increase the 'Moves' counter by 1)

6) Leaderboard Icon

Brings you to the Leaderboard page for that particular deal. The 'Show Me How To Win' option is also found here.
(note, this icon will only appear for 'Winning Deals')

7) Daily Goals Icon

Shows the current Daily Goals. Goals will refresh every 24 hours.

8) Recycle Deck

Tap this icon when you reach the end of the Draw Pile to cycle the cards again.