Daily Goals are an optional challenging daily activity for you to enjoy! They're meant to challenge you to try new strategies and find new ways to solve deals by asking you to interact with the different elements of the game in new ways!

Completing goals also provides you with an extra way to earn extra Experience Points (XP) towards Level and Title progress. The Daily Goals menu can be opened by tapping the green checkmark at the top of the play area.

The goals are broken into 3 different tiers by difficulty: Easy (Green), Medium (Yellow) and Hard (Red). Additionally, each completed tier will reward you with a different amount of XP.
  • Easy goals are worth 50-100 XP
  • Medium goals are worth 100-200 XP
  • Hard goals are worth 150-300 XP
Once all 3 goals are completed, then you will be awarded an EXTRA 300 XP!

If you want to skip a goal, then simply tap the skip arrow button to the right of the goal. You are allotted up to 3 skips each day.