Whether a game is winnable or not will depend on the cards dealt and the game mode that you are playing.

If you are playing the Winning Deal, every game is winnable and has a solution. If you would like to see the solution for a given game, you can tap the gold star that says "Winning,” tap the "Show Me How to Win" button and see the game played out, then replay the game.

Additionally, each Daily Challenge game is also winnable. To see the solution, touch the graph icon below the calendar and then tap the "Show Me How to Win" button and check out the solution, then replay the game.

There are millions of random shuffle variations, so it is possible if you are playing the Random Deal game mode that you hand is not winnable. We utilize two algorithms that perform the random shuffles per deal. Random Deals are shuffled and displayed, and we do not know if a random deal can be won or not, it is up to you to solve those games through your choices. If you get stuck, undo your move back to another starting point, and try another route.

Part of the fun of the game is exploring all the options available to you and determining which path gives you the greatest chance at winning!