We offer different customization options in our games so that players can tailor the game experience to their liking. The Customize Card Faces, Card Backs and Background options give players the ability to change the images and colors displayed.

For your Card Faces and Card Backs, you can pick from a collection of pictures we have stored in the game, or you can choose to upload your own photo for a truly personalized gaming experience.

The following options are available by tapping the Settings option from the game toolbar and scrolling down to the "Visual Style" menu option.

Customize Background: The Background is your game table. It is recommended that you pick a contrasting color that will make your cards stand out and be more comfortable to view.

Customize Card Face: For Card Faces, there are several options to choose from, allowing you to adopt a variety of font sizes and styles.

Customize Card Back: The Card Backs are what you see when the cards are face down. You can choose a standard game image, or upload a personal photo or image.