Please consider that all of our games are free to download, play, and enjoy. Advertising revenue allows us to support our development studio and continue to deliver entertaining, high-quality, free games, and game updates, to all of our loyal fans.

We take great care in setting specific criteria for the advertisements in our games. The guidelines we set are meant to ensure that all of the content shown within an ad is appropriate for a wide audience and that these ads can be easily dismissed so that you can quickly return to enjoying your game if you are not interested in the ad content. Even with these efforts, sometimes a bad ad can slip through.

In this instance, we evaluate reported ads to ensure it has appropriate content and meets our technical requirements. For us to do this effectively, we require some specific information about the advertisement you viewed so that we can research it with our advertisers:

- A Screenshot that clearly displays the ad so that the product or issue can be identified
- A description of the advertisement - what it is selling, company name, etc.
- What is wrong with the ad (i.e., the "x" doesn't work, has inappropriate content, etc.)

When you message us from the game, it allows us to capture vital diagnostic information about your device and the most recent advertisements displayed for your game. Your assistance with reporting these problem advertisements is very much appreciated because it helps to keep our game safe and enjoyable for everybody who plays.

If you are unable to attach a screenshot to the in game message you can email the screenshot to