Please be aware that Game Center and Google Play are not MobilityWare applications. Please follow the instructions below to log into Game Center or Google Play and update your nickname on your device.

For iOS (Game Center):
1. Exit the game and go to your device's home screen and tap the Settings app
2. Select Game Center from the menu
3. Tap the Apple ID field and select Sign In from the menu with your email and password.
4. Below this option, you will see a section to add your game center nickname for the leaderboards.

For Android (Google Play):
1. Open the application and then tap the settings icon.
2. From the options available, Please select Google Play (if you are not already signed in) or Nickname (if you are already signed into Google Play).
There you will be able to choose your nickname for the leaderboards.

We do not have access to your Email and Password and would not be able to assist in recovering this information.