We take pride in communicating with the people who play our games. Your questions are always welcome, your suggestions are valuable, and we appreciate your feedback on your gaming experience.

Troubleshooting our games on your device is a cooperative effort, and the information you provide plays an important part in providing players with a more enjoyable experience.
Please consider the following when contacting Support:
  1. Please take a moment to review the other articles in our FAQ database. There is a good chance the answer to your issue is readily available.
  2. Performance issues or "bugs" can typically be resolved by force closing all applications and restarting your device. Also, please ensure that you are using the most current version of our game, as well as an up-to-date version of your device's operating system.
  3. Report your issue immediately. When you send us a message from our game, it contains vital diagnostic information about your device and the current game settings. This provides us with the information we need to quickly resolve the issue or identify an advertisement.
  4. Be descriptive as possible and provide us with as many details as you can, including any bugs or feature suggestions. If you think it might help us improve your gaming experience, we would like to hear about it!
  5. Screenshots: We love ‘em! If something is not behaving correctly or isn't displayed properly, screenshots make it easier for us to see what's going on.
We appreciate your comments and suggestions. It helps us to improve our games so that they remain an enjoyable experience for everyone who plays. We look forward to hearing from you!