There are millions of random shuffle variations in the game mode Random Deal, so it is possible that you may come to a point in the game that is within a block of non-winnable games. We utilize two sophisticated algorithms that produce the random shuffles per deal. It is unknown if each of these Random Deals can be won or not, so it is up to the player to work to solve those games. If you get stuck, undo move back to another starting point and try another route.

If you are playing the game mode Winning Deal, every game is winnable and has a solution. You can press on the gold star that says "Winning,” tap the "Show Me How to Win" button and see the game played out, then Replay the game.

This works the same for the Daily Challenge, as each of those games is winnable as well. Touch the graph icon below the calendar and then tap the "Show Me How to Win" and check out the solution, then replay the game.