Klondike Solitaire uses a standard 52-card deck of playing cards without jokers.

The objective of the game is to expose all cards and move them into the foundation piles. There are 4 foundation piles (one for each suit) that are presented on the screen by the A with a rectangle drawn around it. These piles are built upward in suit from Aces to Kings.

There are 7 tableau columns that are built downward (in decreasing rank, from Kings to Aces) in alternating colors (red, black). Partial of complete piles can be moved from one column to another if they are built down by alternating colors and increasing rank. Any empty column can be filled with a King or a pile of cards with a King at the top.

There is one stock pile. The stock pile contains cards that have not yet been moved to a foundation pile or tableau column. You can go through the stock pile as many times as you want turning over either 1 or 3 cards at a time depending on the setting of the Draw 3 option. Tap the empty stock pile to run through the stock pile a second time and subsequent times.

When cards are turned over from the stock pile they go into the waste pile, you can move the top card from the waste pile to any legal location in the foundation piles or the tableau columns.